Ett litet, ensamt hus i vinternatt med stjärnklar himmel

Power and heating in your home

You need two contracts to have power supplied to your home: one contract with the electricity grid company that owns the grid where you live and transports electricity to your home, and one contract with a power company that sells the electricity to you. You cannot choose the electricity grid company, but you have a free choice of power companies.

What's the difference between power grid and energy contracts?


You pay your grid company for transporting electricity to your home and maintaining the grid where you live. The cost for this is decided by the size of the property’s main fuse and how much power you consume.


You pay your power company for the electricity you use. If you do not sign an electricity contract with a power company, you are given a designated contract. This is almost always more expensive than if you make an active choice of electricity contract. Contact us using the form below – we are happy to help make sure that you have an electricity contract that suits you.

District heating

Some houses have district heating, so you get your heating and hot water via district heating instead of using electricity. This means that you receive a separate invoice for your heating.