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Information about your invoice

Information about your invoice and methods of payment is available here. You choose how you want to pay your invoice, but if you do not make an active choice a paper invoice will be sent to your home address.

What's the difference between power grid and energy contract?

Your invoice

The invoice has detailed information about what it includes. If you need help understanding this information, please contact us. If you are both an electricity and grid customer with us, your total electricity cost is sent to you on one invoice. If not, you will receive two invoices. If you are also a district heating customer, you will receive the invoice for this separately.

Electricity and grid invoice

This invoice includes information about the electricity cost, the grid cost and taxes, as well as VAT. This is information that you need for comparing different companies’ prices, because you can choose which company you want to buy electricity from.

District heating invoice

If you have district heating, the invoice shows you the cost divided into fixed costs and the price you pay for the heat.

How ofter am I invoiced?

The number of invoices per year is automatically decided by the amount of electricity you consume, but you can choose to receive invoices 4, 6 or 12 times a year.

Payment period

The payment period for our invoices is 15 days. That means the invoice’s due date is at the end of the month and you can pay all your bills at the same time.

If you do not pay in time we will send a reminder. There is a reminder fee of SEK 60. If you still do not pay, our debt collection representative will send a demand for payment that includes accrued interest and a collection fee of SEK 180.

In case of repeated late payments or if you have unpaid debts, we will immediately send a collection letter. In exceptional cases, this may go so far that we cut off your electricity supply and further costs may be accrued.

Payment methods

How to pay your invoice is your choice. We recommend e-invoicing if you have a Swedish bank account, as this saves both time and the environment.


E-invoicing means that your invoice is sent straight to your internet bank. All you need to do to pay the invoice is to log in and approve the invoice. To get e-invoicing, log in to your internet bank, register for e-invoicing and provide your customer number* with us.
*Your customer number is on your invoice. You can also contact us to find out your customer number.


Kivra is a service that provides secure digital mail from companies and authorities. More than 1.5 million people in Sweden now use Kivra.
Go to Kivra's website to get a digital letter box. Once you have registered with Kivra, you will automatically receive all your mail and invoices digitally, from all the companies with whom you are a customer.

Other payment methods

E-mail invoice

With an e-mail invoice, the invoice is sent to your e-mail address as a pdf file. This works well combined with autogiro payments. You can register for an e-mail invoice by contacting us on 063-14 90 00 or

Payment via a foreign bank

If you live outside of Sweden, please state the SWIFT address NDEASESS when making payments to our bank account. All payments must be in Swedish krona. You only need to enter the ten-digit OCR number in the message field.

  • IBAN: SE96 9500 0099 6034 0770 2665

If you are a Jämtkraft customer but live abroad, you can also pay via autogiro. The only requirement is that you have a Swedish bank account.

Paper invoice

If you want a paper invoice, it will be sent to your letter box at home.